a subdivision of Stokesdale, North Carolina.

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Springdale Notices!!

Per the HOA Board, please clean up after your pets when walking through the neighborhood.

For the 2014 AQUA drinking water quality report, go here.

Please note that 2 new regulations have been adopted and they can be found in the current Springdale HOA Homeowner guide. It can be found here along with details about the new regulations.

Neighborhood Watch

We look out for each other in this neighborhood! The Neighborhood Watch sends out E-mail alerts to residents warning of potential safety issues in Springdale. If you would like to be included on this E-mail list, or if you have an alert, please send an E-mail to the Neighborhood Watch Spokesperson, Libby Kendrick, at [email protected]. If you see a potential threat to the safety of the residents in Springdale, please inform the local police via the non-emergency line, 336-373-2222.

Looking for leaders for the neighborhood watch! Libby Kendrick is our Spokesperson, however, the Neighborhood Watch is in need of some volunteers to organize the group meetings. According to Corporal Fuller, we should be having monthly, quarterly, or yearly meetings.



Website Notices

If you would like to receive notices of updates to this website, E-mail the webmaster at [email protected].

Send suggestions, comments, concerns, or compliments to [email protected].